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Bringing you the Finest Quality Teas and Spiritual Well Being Products that are Good For Your Health
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Our website was featured in the Telegraphís website as the UK supplier of Lipton TCHAE Green Tea on the 7/3/2008

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Bringing you the Finest Quality Teas and Spiritual Well Being Products that are Good For Your Health

Welcome to our Website for Specialist Flavoured Teas and Spiritual Well Being Products. We are a family run business with a passion for the teas we sell.

We now have 10 flavours from the Lipton range of fine gourmet teas made from real tea leaves: they have an amazing flavour and taste. All our tea bags are individually wrapped for freshness.

TCHAE Oriental Spice Green Tea by Lipton is our best seller. In our view: "The tastiest Green Tea in the World". Try it and you will be hooked.  We have had enormous demand for this Excellent Green Tea. 

  • We are a Specialist Tea Company with over 4000 boxes of Tea in stock at all times
  • All the Tea we supply has a sell by date of well into next year
  • We provide excellent service and have over 400 repeat customers
  • We provide confirmation of all orders by email and fast delivery
  • We provide tea WORLDWIDE
Music CDís: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body  

We will be shortly launching a new range of music CD's with soothing, relaxing meditation music exclusively composed for our tea drinking customers. (They will not be available anywhere else). 

Composed by the multi talented, No1 iTunes download musician Mark Allaway  (piano, saxophone, synth, drums). These CD's are fantastic to relax to.  The first CD will be available from around September 2008.

Click here for more details:

We will also be launching a range of positive programming affirmation CDís covering subjects including perfect health and well being.  

Please visit our SHOP to buy our products, or scroll down for Tchae Green Tea only!

Lipton are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership(similar to Fairtrade) which ensures tea is ethically sourced and that workers on tea estates are treated fairly and enjoy decent living and working conditions. Lipton has its own tea plantations providing free housing and medical care for its employees and their families.

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